E.S.P.R.R.O. Certification

E.S.P.R.R.O — Excel Sports Performance Resistance Reaction Overspeed Certified Sports Performance Specialist

Who Seeks This Credential?

Are you Interested in learning one the most advanced proprietary training system in the world? Are you looking for a different training system that is based off enhancing, position specific movements? Are you looking for a system that can‘t be duplicated by other trainer‘s and other Professional organizations? If you are looking for such a system then you might want to check out Excel Sports Performance Certification Program E.S.P.R.R.O. The E.S.P.R.R.O is a fitness movement training system that gives you a continuing education program for Coaches, Trainers, Schools, Clinics, Colleges, and Professional Organizations around the world. The E.S.P.R.R.O course includes Performance System Overview, Developing a Performance Training Program, Resistance practicum, Overspeed practicum, Reaction based training practicum, and much more. The ESP system was developed by renowned sport’s performance coaches at ESP. ESP has developed there unique proprietary system over 37 years, of training scores of Athletes from around the world. The purpose of this system is to provide proprietary information for training and instruction for coaches and trainers who want to add movement specific training to their coaching experience. Acceptance into ESPRRO certification is based upon our interview process. If you don’t meet the standard requirements to participate in the ESPRRO certification; ESP at there sole discretion may permit you to participate on a probation period.

ESP 5 Step ESPRRO Process

1. Contact ESP 2. Set up Demo time 3. Interview and Qualification 4. Do Process and Orientation 5. Hour and Schedule set on Qualifications and Certification